Sunday, April 29, 2012

IRCC gown update

I was able get some work done on the gown this weekend, worked on the skirt on Saturday, it took all day, pleating and repleating, Today I worked on sleeves, trim, trim, trim, not done yet but happy with them so far
This weeks update: I have a business license!!!!! It was a longer than normal process as I had to get a Special Use Permit, issued by the county planning department. I had to get all the state paperwork completed and then submit my application, then had to wait for the monthly planning meeting, After being approved by the board there was a 10 waiting period, the had to wait for everything to be recorded the pay for the license. It came in yesterdays mail!!! I can now hold classes at my sewing shop, so if anyone is looking for group lessons on how to sew costumes let me know.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

This is the gown I am basing my IRCC dress from.
Hi everyone, well I'm one step away from getting my business license, should have it competed by Tuesday April 24th.
In other news I signed up for a sewing competetion,

I was not able to start last weekend as I was at the San Jose Fantasy Faire. So I was able to finally get to the workshop today and get started on the IRCC gown. I started by cutting out the sleeves and bodice, then I started on the skirt.I have cut the skirt and lining and am in the process of adding the padding for pleats.